In The City, Lourdes Garcia (12th)

Daniela Tijerina, Reporter

December 6, 2010

Filed under Entertainment, Fashion, Opinion

I met Lourdes Garcia (12), who goes by Lulu, because we happen to have seventh period toghether. Ever since the first day of school I had noticed her unique and chic sense of style. I admire that she takes risks with her wardrobe and I have found that she is one of the only people that I have met who can succesfully pull off ...

What Are YOUR Beats?

November 29, 2010

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

The white, characteristic cords of iPod headphones are disappearing: different colors and designs of headphones for every style of music are taking their place. Whether headphones fit someone's style or musical taste, they serve a purpose. The way we listen to music is changing. Why is this? What is it in music that moves...

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